The City of Banja Luka

The City of Banja Luka


The City of Banja Luka is the university, economic, finance, political and administrative center of the Republic of Srpska and one of the two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Banja Luka is the second biggest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the population of 250 000. Due to many of its green surfaces - parks and tree-lined roads, Banja Luka is also known as the city of greenery. It is also called a city of young people, sport and culture.

The City


In Banja Luka, you can experience the spirit of the different cultures that are intertwined in this area and to visit a large number of cultural and historical monuments as witnesses of different epochs and human creativity.



Banja Luka is well know by it's local and traditional cuisine such as Banja Luka's kebab "ćevapi", pies, grilled dishes, soups and many more...wich goes very well with local beer and home made plum brandy "Rakija".


Moreover, there are also a lots of restaurants for everyone who prefers more creative and international cuisine.



Banja Luka has always been "Paradise Valley" with lots of greenery, water and fruit, as evidenced by many travelers who visited Banja Luka.


River Vrbas created a fantastic canyon in which there is a series of natural rarities. Rapids, waterfalls, cascades, beaches, surrounding rocks, and the wealth of flora and fauna make this area special.



During your stay in Banja Luka you can experience this beautifull city from other perspective such as: rafting, kayaking, dayaking, moutain biking....

Banja Luka is also well known by rich night lafe and places to go out and have fun! City of the most beautifull girls in the World!

Have you heard the legend about Banja Luka's girls? Just ask the ones who visited our city.....

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Floorball klub Gromovi, Banja Luka je osnovan 2008. godine i time je postao prvi osnovani i registrovani floorball klub u Bosni i Hercegovini.



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